Sunday, March 11, 2018

First Ever Blog Post

Hello, Internet world!

I have been thinking of starting my own blog  since I became a mom (2016 lang naman), figured, why don’t I share my journey with others then, them back. But, as we all know being a mom takes a lot of your time. 2017 went by really quick. I had to juggle being a breastfeeding mom (who’s super super lazy to pump, so I had to take T all the time with me) and putting up our 2nd baby, The Reading House! (Shameless Plugging: Check out our website,too ;p)

Anywho…what’s important is the now! This 2018, I plan to wear as many hats as I can!

As a teacher, I used “Must Do’s and May Do’s” to teach my kids the power of prioritizing. As a woman (who lives in such a judgmental society), set to have many roles, I find this helpful in life, too.

Check out my list!

Must Dos (Push ko toh!)
  • Put up a Reading Clinic that will help kids who has Learning Needs
  • Become an imperfect Mom who’ll make everything up along the way
  • Be the type of boss that I wished to have when I was still working 
  • Have a partner that is hands on and helpful 
  • Start a blog (AND MAINTAIN IT!)
  • Build a 100/ 500/ 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 
  • Arrive at my ideal weight without spending a single cent on gym membership
  • Teach T house chores and self care tasks during her toddler years 
  • Learn the art of bento making 
  • Be good at Photoshop 
  • Run  5km - I do, almost everyday but I wanna make it "official" like do it in an organized event 
  • Run 10km
  • Run 21km
  • Run a full marathon- 42km 
  • Run in any of the major marathons of the world
  • Perfect a dish that people would want to request me to cook  
  • Adopt a community where TRH can help kids to learn how to read and impart the love for reading

May Dos
  • Take up sewing
  • Take up knitting 
  • Learn calligraphy 

* Finished
* Working on it
* Haven't done yet 
This is an incomplete list because I am a work in progress. It is also NOT also in chronological order because my brain’s all over most of the time. (Ask my husband, he knows).

I am D. I am a teacher, a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, an entrepreneur, a grammar nazzi,an advocate of equal opportunities for child learning or equality, in general, a bibliophile, an aspirant runner, a recent convert skincare junkie, a sweet tooth, a junk food junkie, a tattoo lover and now a blogger! I have a potty mouth and speak a little Bekinese. I believe in hard work. I know that nothing great comes easy.

Join me as I check off/ add on/ remove (hopefully not) items on my list with the hopes of making my daughter, husband and of course myself happy and proud!

See you around!

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