Friday, April 13, 2018

TRH- How it all started

My blog kinda lives in, (tipid sa domain payment 😜) so I think it's just right to write about it (TRH). The Reading House is a Literacy Center that helps kids with learning disabilities/ difficulties especially in reading. It's also a dream come true for me. 

Years back,  Ive had the chance to teach children with Learning Disabilities, particularly kids with Dyslexia.  Dyslexia is a neurological condition that makes it hard for a person to read.  I learned a lot about Learning Disability and Dyslexia. I learned not just the methodologies, theories, studies and strategies on how to teach them, but I also learned what they say about teaching, that it comes from the heart. When you meet these kids talagang you'll adore them. Some of the conversations I had with them are better than I had with some adults. It is through them that I learn what being a teacher truly is. Naks! Pero, these realizations came late na to me. It was my first job ever, so I'm kind of in my walwal days pa. All the appreciation came when I taught in different learning set-ups.

Anyway... I worked as a Reading Clinician. So like what the name suggests, we provide clinical assistance in Reading.  I liked this job, not only was I a teacher, I was also around a lot of books, everyday! This is when I started dreaming of my own. I wished to have my own center that could help these kids! 🙏

The Reading Clinic is a one on one set up, being young and restless (Chos!), I wanted to try something different, something that's "bigger", in short classroom teacher ang bet ko. That was when I decided to teach in an exclusive school for boys. Taught Grade 3 English for 3 years. English, Language pa rin, di ko keri ng history, science and lalong lalo na Math! While teaching in a traditional school, I slowly arrived at a realization that I am not a traditional school teacher. It wasnt for me. I didnt like the pressure that it gives on the kids. I didn't like that kids are becoming grade conscious! But, that's just me. I know that some parents/ teachers will disagree with me, "kids need pressure cause the real word is full of pressure". K. As a teacher/ parent, I believe that kids has to enjoy going to school. Kids has to look forward to going to school, genuine, from the heart excitement, not just because they'll meet new friends, but because learning is fun. That's the school that will produce responsible, concerned, socially aware and genuinely kind citizens. I think. After, being in a traditional school, I then entered a progressive school, less structure, more student-centered and well thought off learning experiences. Refreshing experience coming from a traditional school.

That is where I also started my family. Got married and had my baby girl. When we started living together, my husband got the chance to see how a life true blue teacher works. He was so annoyed and bothered by the fact that teachers take home work. Teachers go to school early to work. Teachers work everyday and anywhere. So, he asked me to resign. I was pregnant then so I didnt protest. I wouldnt mind staying with my baby 24/7. This time of rest (from a decade of teaching) gave me a lot of time to reflect, this is when I told my husband I wanted to push thru with my own Reading Clinic. After some scouting, tons of research, reconnaissance, budgeting, arguments... The Reading House, our 2nd baby. was born!

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TRH- How it all started

My blog kinda lives in , (tipid sa domain payment 😜) so I think it's just right to write about it (TRH). The ...